Dent Removal – When To DIY & When To Call A Professional

So you run to the store to buy a bag of milk and when you come back – ouch! You have a big, ugly dent in your car door. Or maybe you're driving through a storm and your car gets hit by a big hailstorm, denting the hood.

A stray baseball, fallen branch, or gravel thrown onto the road are possible dents in your car. You can leave dents, but the paint may peel off more and become large lumps of discoloration. You can also look for the best dent removal service via

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Most people can't let their car dent every time they get a hit or two. Even if you take a risk, you can try it yourself. This should only be done if the dent doesn't have any missing color and doesn't look wrinkled or looks like it's about to burst.

Doors can dent if they are relatively small and you have the right tools. Some stores sell special "crack" tools that use a sucker to suck the car body back into place. If you can't find any of these, plungers work on the same principle.

So what to do when a dent in the house is not an option? If the paint is chipped, cracked, bent or the dent is too large, it's time to call a professional.