Choose An Asbestos Awareness Training Provider

Asbestos, a naturally occurring material, is used in insulation materials. It can be found in buildings constructed before 2000. This fibrous material was often combined with other products to make Asbestos Containing Materials, or ACM's. These materials have been used in every aspect of construction.

Although asbestos is often referred to as the "hidden killer", it can take a while for it to become a serious illness. Once diagnosed, however, it can be nearly impossible to recover from. This is why it is so important to protect yourself right away.

It is important to ensure that all training is provided by a provider that adheres to the Health and Safety Executive's approved codes of practice. You can also find the best asbestos awareness training provider at  It is essential that all asbestos awareness training be delivered by:

"A person who can do the job and has theoretical knowledge of all aspects of the work being done by the employer." (Regulation 10 in the Approved Code of Practice L143).

Being aware of the internal workings of the company will allow for thorough training and reduce the risk of asbestos exposure. The Health and Safety Executive works with trade associations and training associations to ensure there are high standards for training providers.

Companies looking for asbestos training can use the Independent Asbestos Training Providers website (IATP). This is a great platform to help them find qualified providers. To be listed on the IATP website, training providers must provide documentation supporting compliance with all regulations.