Adventure Journey Of Climbing Kilimanjaro

When someone offers an expedition to the mountains of Africa or Tanzania specifically, pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro come to mind. Its peak is 5,895 feet above sea level it's the tallest mountain of Africa which is often referred to as "The Roof Of Africa".

 It is approximately 4,900m from its base and ascent is on the highest priority for many trekkers. Most first-timers are unprepared for what's to come or what their trekking journey will be about at the time of departure.So in this case ,it is a good option to browse to plan an amazing journey of climbing Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a massive stratovolcano, with three distinct volcanic cones. The three cones are Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, Kibo being the highest. Uhuru Peak on Kibo at 5895m is the tallest point in Africa and the spot which the majority of trekkers want to be. 

Although the inside of the cones is unexplored due to the lack of erosion. The exterior part of the cones is rock covered in snow. It's mostly composed of layers of solidified volcanic lava, with a few pyroclastic rocks which are found in many volcanic regions. A continuous eruption for many millions of years ago submerged the majority of older geological features, except for the stratum which is a sedimentary rock.

Its weather conditions in Kilimanjaro are greatly affected by the elevation of the peak, the equatorial trade winds, and trade winds that are anti-trade. Downslope and upslope winds are typical in the mountain and you'll be constantly surrounded by them, no matter where you are located, with the southern part being more intense than the northern region.