Add Sound To Your Dream Home Bathroom

Today you can have music emanating from nearly every bathroom equipment and many accessories. 

Many manufacturers make gadgets designed to be used safely and withstand heat and humidity in a bathroom. However, for the best planning of your bathroom, you can take help from the professional bathroom renovators of companies like

Consider some of these options on your next remodeling project bathroom.

Music Mirror – Now you can connect your MP3 player to the bathroom mirror and play music through built-in speakers, or you can do the same with a mirror designed for use in the shower. Make sure to waterproof speakers to go with it!

Toilet paper dispenser – This is more like an MP3 docking station with an integrated toilet paper holder. It comes with four speakers moisture resistant for a quality sound experience.

Speakers in the ceiling – Today, many houses have integrated stereos. If you are planning a bathroom renovation project, you can add a bathroom to a home system with ceiling speakers. Integrating the system with cable, DVD or television, and listening to the game while you take a bathroom break. 

Underwater sounds – For a completely relaxing experience new bathtubs come with panels that bathe your body in sound waves emitted by water. These baths are playing original music compositions or you can add your own music through the digital interface.

Digital Showering – Some luxury showers include computers and light panels that glow in your choice of colors. You can pre-define your preferred combination and the computer synchronizes light, sound, water temperature and pressure and steam to your liking.