5 Hand Tools For Every Repair and Fixing Jobs At Home

Knowing the proper tools for fixing and repairing jobs at home can be tricky. There are a lot of power tools, hand tools, and accessories you should have on hand. It can be hard to decide When you should buy Hand Tools in Dubaiand what you can do with your hands. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 hand tools that are great for fixing and repairing jobs at home.

Some people know how to use it, but some others don’t. That is because there are a lot of hand tools out there. For repair and fixing jobs at home, you need to have those tools with you. They will be the one who will help you in carrying out a lot of repair works or fixings at home.

Even if you are not the handyman type, it is a good idea to know how to do simple repairs and maintenance tasks around the house. This will save you a lot of money over time because you will be able to fix things that break instead of replacing them every time. You can even save money by doing things yourself instead of paying someone else to do them.

Trying to fix or repair something and having no clue what you are doing is a sure way to make things worse than they were before. It is always good to be informed and prepared for any situation and having the right tools for the job is just as important as knowledge when it comes down to it.

Here are five hand tools for every repair and fixing job at home

1. Hammer

A hammer is one of the basic essential tools in almost every household. Whether you're hanging a painting or building a shelf, a hammer is a must-have tool to have on hand. Hammers come in many different shapes and sizes, so find the right one that fits your needs the best. The most common type is the claw hammer, which has a flat face and a claw on one side of the head. A ball-peen hammer is good for driving nails into wood and metal, while a tack hammer has a flat face with rounded edges used to drive tacks and staples into materials like wood.

2. Screwdriver

Another mainstay in every toolbox, this has a handle with interchangeable heads for turning screws in or out. These come in various sizes for big and small screws and have flat blades or crossheads depending on the type of screw head you have, it is best to get one that has all types of head so that you can use it on anything.

3. Wire Cutter

A wire cutter is a must-have tool for every household. It is used to cut different types of wires. The blades of a wire cutter are made from hardened steel, and it has a hook on the end that allows you to pull the wire in either direction. The most common use for this tool is cutting electric wires.

Wire stripper is used to strip insulation from copper wires in order to expose a length of bare copper wire that can be twisted together with another length of bare copper wire in order to form a connection between them. They have handles made from a durable plastic material and jaws made from steel that has been chrome-plated or stainless steel in some cases.

4. Duct Tape

Duct tape is like a Swiss Army knife in that it has a number of uses. It can be used as a simple patch for holes, a temporary fix for broken pipes, and to seal air leaks. Duct tape also comes in handy when you have to wrap or cover something up. You can even use duct tape to tie up your garbage bags.

Fixing things is a lot easier when you have the right tools. Here are five hand tools that every homeowner should have on hand for quick repairs and fixes.

5. Utility Knife

Utility knife is a must-have tool for every home as it can be used for opening packages and cutting insulating materials. The best utility knives have a sharp blade with a sharp edge, which means you can quickly cut through any material without damaging it. It also features rubberized handles to ensure your safety while using them.

Utility knives are hand tool that is used for cutting cardboard, plastic, and roofing shingles. The utility knife has a  retractable blade which is operated by a slide button on the handle.