2 Tips- How To Avoid Clogged Drains

Let’s face it, having clogged drains can be one of the most annoying (if not the most) things that can happen to your home plumbing system. Not only does it cause nasty backups, but it can also cost a ton of money in repairs. Here are some practical tips to help you avoid clogged drains.

1. Act, Don’t Wait

There is no sense in waiting for a mainline blockage to happen. So if you have been experiencing some clogged sewer line for a while, you should be aware that cleaning will not do the job. There is something wrong with the pipeline that only a proper camera inspection can reveal.

In fact, several things can go wrong depending on the age of your sewer pipes like tree roots, collapsed pipes, and other things that can cause a blockage. So, always act immediately when backed up sewers become too frequent for comfort, call a licensed plumbing service via plumbingfremontca.com/clogged-drain today!

2. Stop the Lint

How can something so small cause so many problems? There have been countless times that lint has caused blockage of the drain in your laundry room. Without you noticing it, over time, these small particles get trapped in the drain causing it to clog and back up. 

The easiest thing to avoid this problem is to stop it from happening by putting a lint trap at the end of the washing machine’s drain hose. You can purchase these drain screens and lint traps from your local hardware or home center. If you have an old nylon stocking lying around, you can use this as well. When the trap is full,s simply replace it.